What will it cost to send my child to Plymouth Christian School?

For a detailed look at our tuition and pricing, please see our Tuition Rates.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes, we do offer discounted tuition for families with more than one student enrolled. For a pricing breakdown, please see our Tuition Rates.

Do you have tours available?

Yes, we would love to show you around our campus. Please use our contact form to request a tour or call our school office at (562) 695-0745 to schedule a tour.

What curriculum do you use?

We offer a variety of curriculum which includes-Bible, ABEKA, ACSI, Pearson Scott Foresman, Hartcourt, Bob Jones, McGraw Hill, Houghton Mifflin, Saxon, as well as additional supplemental material to enhance the lessons and bring the material presented to life for our students.

What are your school hours?




K-2nd: 8:25am-2:45pm
3rd-6th: 8:25am-3:30pm

Do you have a hot lunch program?

We have an excellent hot lunch program provided by Whittier City School District.

Do you wear a uniform?

Yes. In addition, we have DOLLAR DRESS DAY every Friday. Students may bring one dollar and opt out of wearing their uniform. Our dress code policy must still be observed on DOLLAR DRESS DAYS.

Do you do any fundraising?


What is the average class size?

Currently our average class size is 15 students.

Do you offer before and after school daycare?

Yes! Our Day Care opens at 6:30AM and closes at 6:00PM.

Do you offer computers?

Yes. Students have regular access to classroom computers, as well as weekly access to our mobile computer lab.

Are parents allowed to help in the classroom?

Teachers often have small projects that can be completed either inside the classroom or completed at home. If your child is distracted by your presence in the classroom, we will need you to complete the task outside of the actual classroom. We love parent helpers.

Different question?

Have a question that is not in our list?  Please send us a message from our contact page.